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Covid-19 Update 1

As of March 27th our tentative opening date based on weather and the situation regarding Covid-19 is April 11th.  We are awaiting an update from the Government of Alberta on what businesses are considered 'essential' and which ones will be madated to close.  As of the time of this posting we can say this concept varies greatly from area to area.  Courses in Arizona have been considered an essential service.  Montana, Florida, Texas and many more states remain open while Ontario and east are closed.  Because of this we are planning for obth options.  Here is an article listing the current state by state decisions:

What we can confirm right now is that the temperatures until April 6th are not warm enough to plan for pulling our tarps.  This means we're looking at April 11th as the best potential date related to weather. 

With relation to the Covid-19 expecations here are some of them whether we open on April 11th or a later date:

     - There are many touch points around the club.  Whether it's vehicles, railings, power carts, door handles, towel dispensers, taps, merchandise, counters, etc.  Most of us don't realize how easily germs can spread.  Make sure to limit what you touch.  It will be sanitized multiple times per day but with potentially hundreds of people coming down, please be mindful.

     - Social Distancing is up to you.  If we are open we will be busy, expect to have many people around the area.  It will be up to you to be spread out on the putting green, range, outside the Proshop, etc.  We've already seen it on walking paths and in parks - there will be too many people to be policed.  Please respect the recommendations of Alberta Health for everyone's safety.

     - Food/Beverage Service very limited.    We are working on a limited takeout menu if we go.  We are also working on safe procedures should we be able to use the snack shack or beverage cart.

     - Uncertain opening date.  Our goal is to open as soon as we can safely do so.  If that's April 11th or May 1st we will plan to go as soon as we are able.

     - Club storage.  To limit germ spreading we will expect club storage to be closed until this has passed.  Backshop and Proshop staff will be inundated with sanitizing cars, doors, etc.  We woudl advise everyone to keep their clubs in their vehicle.

     - Driving range.  Range baskets will be sanitized as used so please grab only the handles if possible.  Using the token paper as a barrier between your hand and the machine is recommended to begin, other options are being considered.  (the last snowfall is still covering the range mats so it's also a ways from opening)

     - Proshop.  The Proshop will be available for purchase of memberships, merchandise, etc. but until we have solid information please don't come down in person.  We can accept credit card payments over the phone to set up memberships or pay for merchandise or advertising.  We will only allow 2 people in the Proshop at any given time.  Please only touch merchandise if you're going to buy it.

This is as much information as we have at the moment.  We expect this situation to be changing daily so please stay tuned for updates as the information changes.  With any luck our amazing medical professionals will find a solution for us to move forward.

Our goal is to provide a safe place to play as soon as possible while dealing with the realities of the current situation.  We will abide by the requirements of the government but will need a great deal of patience from customers based on what is expected to come.

Thank you.

Friday, March 27, 2020
11:52:24 AM


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