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May Tee Time Protocols

As of Monday, May 10th new protocols are in place for golf from Alberta Health Services. All May tee times have been cancelled and booking under the new restrictions begins Sunday, May 9th at 9am.  The restricions are as follows:

1. Golf is included in the outdoor sports and recreation protocols limiting participation to members of the same household; or if living alone, to two close contacts. Those close contacts can be up to 2 people that the individual has ongoing contact with. If you live with someone already that is who you can golf with.

2. Tee times will begin with 7 minute intervals due to the smaller group sizes. 

3. Pace of play will be reduced based on smaller group sizes.  Please keep up with the group infront of you while we work out a new acceptable time.

4. Members and corporates will have 7 days advance booking online. Public will not be allowed to book unless times do not fill up.

5. When you book you are booking the entire tee time. The maximum group will be 3 players in order to avoid pace of play issues and groups cluttering up. Please keep up with the group in front of you at all times.

6. When you book you must show up or cancel.  If you do not show up for your time you will forfeit the ability to book for the remainder of the restricion period.

7. There will be warmup stalls on the driving range for the group on deck.  Anyone else using the driving range MUST call in advance and book a stall.  Walk down traffic will not be accepted.

Restrictions continue to be moving so we will keep you updated as they change.  Please be patient with our staff as we do not receive any lead time when restrictions are updated.

Golf could have been closed down, we are lucky to be open to this point.  Anyone attempting to circumvent these rules will be putting everyone's ability to play golf at risk.  Please help us stay open so that ALL our members can remain golfing and one person's actions do not lead to the government suspending us. Thank you for your cooperation.

Paradise Canyon Management.

Saturday, May 08, 2021
10:59:21 AM


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